Who We Are




William J. Farrah

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Farrah is a consummate entrepreneur who began his success story as owner of Bill Farrah Lincoln Mercury which he built into the 6th largest Lincoln Mercury dealership in the country in terms of sales.  Bill moved on from there to start Vi-Pann Chemical Inc. which became a supplierof industrial chemicals to the automotive industry.  Of particular note was Bill’s patented non-metholyne paint stripper.  Bill sold Vi-Pann, along with his patent, to Grow Group a Fortune 500Company.  Bill went on to develop a patented process for an automated tote cleaning system thatcleaned totes for the automotive and paint industry.  This was developed for MPW Industrial Cleaning Services in 2000.  In 2005, Mr. Farrah negotiated with an Ohio company, under The Farrah Group LLC,to promote and market a proprietary roofing product called “Instacoat” . Asphalt Materials, in Ohio,used Instacoat to expand its product line.  Mr. Farrah continued his career by developing applicationsfor recycled rubber in polypropylene.  After years of formulation, and testing , Bill successfully developed a formula that works.  The patent resulting from this effort was recently sold to aPennsylvania group.

Don Siefkes

Executive Director

Mr. Siefkes had a stellar career at General Motors where he made several significant contributions at GM Design.  Don managed the Concept Vehicle Paint Department.  Later he designed and managed the Virtual Reality Studio for Global Collaboration.  This totally revolutionized the way new cars are designed.  Don has made numerous presentations to GM Management on the virtues of producing E100 engines.  In addition Don has earned 3 Tool/Process awards (similar to internal Patents).    Don also won a patent for a Foamed Metal Heat Device for improving gasoline mileage.He has among his publications a SAE paper Virtual Reality at GM Design.  Don also authored a paper The Origin of HIV-1, the AIDS virus---Medical Hypothesis.  Don holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from MIT and an MBA from the University of Michigan.  He is a past member of SAE and the American Chemical Society.  Don also spent two and a half years in the Peace Corps serving as a chemistry teacher in Chile.

Dave Stoltz

Chief Engineer

Dave Stoltz is the owner of Pacific Flyer Engineering, a very successful company that specializes in restoring and customizing automobiles. Dave  has had a lifetime of experience running vehicles on alcohol. He was born into a family that participated in a form of auto racing that has always used alcohol for fuel. Since the 1930s Midget and Sprint race cars have been powered exclusively by alcohol. Dave, like his father, always designed and built their own cars, including the engines. He has always known that alcohol is a superior fuel to gasoline. Through his own experience running ethanol in his street cars, he's known that an engine built to run only on ethanol will achieve equal or better mileage than an engine built to run on both gasoline and alcohol. When Dave heard to what extent the E-100 group was willing to go to prove, with California state testing and documentation, what he has always known, he had to get involved. With his knowledge of how to get the most out of an engine running on ethanol, Dave has become an important member of the team.

Jacob Zadorozny
Chief Technology Officer

Jake Zadorozny is a young and motivated student in mechanical engineering at the University of Michigan. Working as an engineer in the automotive industry, he has a passion for cars and anything automotive related. As an avid car enthusiast he does anything from regular service to extensive repairs and modifications on his vehicles. He is an auto racer and is involved as an engineer/technician on a drag racing team. Jake does not want the internal combustion engine to be forced into extinction and believes that the problem is not the IC engine, but the fuel that it uses -- gasoline. Cars are way more than transportation. They are an extension of one's personality and character.

Cars allow someone to get away from daily problems and enjoy the pure driving experience. This pure experience is becoming less and less prevalent in today's automobiles. The internal combustion engine is one of the key driving experiences that make a vehicle enjoyable, anything from the sound, the smell, and the connection with that car.. E100 would allow the heart of the pure driving experience to live on while increasing performance and saving the planet simultaneously.